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Sand Volleyball Court Readied

The volleyball court at the Mt View Lions Community Park is ready for the public. The sand court was created in 2012 from a portion of the the horseshoe pits. The courts have a base of about 10-12 inches of sand. Memorial Day was the perfect day to breath a freshness to the sand and install the net. We are still looking to install court boundaries and hope to reach out to the Volleyball enthusiasts for input on type of boundaries they would prefer and recommendation for anchors.

The Park has two parking lots for our visitors. One off of Mt View Drive and near the McCarrey Street intersection and the other north on N. Pine Street at the Circle K (formerly Holiday). The Mt View Drive parking lot is closest to the Volleyball Court.

The Park is maintained primarily by Volunteers with some outside assistance. We work closely with the users in a cooperative arrangement where they are given priority access to the park in return for their assistance in maintaining it. If you have input or want to learn more about opportunities at the Mt View Lions Park’s Volleyball Court, email

Loosening the volleyball court sand above and below with rototiller. Sand depth is 8-12”

Ready to play without boundaries:


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