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Help the Pilots

We support our Anchorage Glacier Pilots Baseball!

The Mountain View Lions Club takes charge of gate management, box seat arrangements, and 50/50 ticket sales at baseball games, ensuring smooth operations and an enjoyable experience for fans.


We extend a warm invitation to new members to join us in our mission of serving the Community and Alaska. Furthermore, non-members are encouraged to contribute their time, with hours worked credited towards club dues.

Together, let's make a positive impact and foster a spirit of collaboration and service!


Contact us for more information.


The Mountain View Lions Club partners with Remote Area Medical (RAM) to organize an annual healthcare pop-up event in Anchorage, Alaska.


In 2024 this event provided essential healthcare services to over 400 patients, totaling over $310,000 in free healthcare. With the support of 350 dedicated volunteers, the event embodies the Lions Club's commitment to community upliftment. Beyond healthcare, it fosters a sense of belonging and support, highlighting the power of collaboration in promoting wellness.


Join us as we make a difference in the lives of fellow Alaskans!

Contact Us To See How You Can Help!

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6th Annual Electronic Recycling Event_1.jpg

Annual Electronics Recycling Event

Are you interested in the proper disposal of technology?

In May 2024, the Mountain View Lions Club (MVLC) spearheaded the 6th annual electrical recycling event aimed at responsibly disposing of residential electronics. With the goal of diverting these items from landfills, the event highlighted the detrimental environmental effects of improper disposal. Electronics contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium, which leach into soil and water when left in landfills, posing risks to human health and ecosystems.


Through the MVLC's efforts, over 6500 pounds of residential electronics were recycled, contributing to environmental conservation and sustainable waste management. Join us in our commitment to protect the environment by properly disposing of electronic waste!

Contact us for more details on this event!

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