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The Park

11-acre Independent Community Park

With the assistance of Elmendorf AFB and Fort Richardson civil engineers, as well as contractors paving the Mt. View Drive, the park was prepared. It has been reconfigured over the years with new playground additions and replacements. The park, open from 6 am to 11 pm daily, currently includes:

  • Baseball Fields:

    • 60-foot and 90-foot basepath baseball fields. Both fields feature astro-turf infields recycled from the Anchorage Football stadium. These fields are primarily used by Polar Little League but are also available for sharing with American Legion and some adult softball users. When not in use by Polar or American Legion, the fields are open to the general public.

  • Paved Pathways, Spectator, and Parking Areas

  • Covered Pavilions:

    • Shaw and Young covered pavilions.
      The Shaw Pavilion is available for large groups free of charge, on a pre-registration basis.

  • Sports Facilities:

    • Volleyball court (summer only)

    • Basketball courts: Large primary court or two perpendicular courts. Additionally, the basketball court includes approximately a 5-foot basket for younger players.

  • Rock Wall: A rock wall with multiple height adjustments.

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